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Most landowners prefer polymeric sand as the perfect material for joint patio sand and walk. Hopefully, it was used in the construction of your walk or patio. If not, once the actual sand begins to fade, you can repair the overall trail by replacing the old sand with the polymeric. And to do so, you’ll require the assistance of a sanding interlock company. That’s where Bison Landscaping Service enters! Our expert staff utilizes modern techniques and the latest equipment to make the repair last longer. Also, at an affordable rate, you’ll get an excellent interlock sanding repair in Toronto.

When sand comes out from the interlock, it makes your home look dirty, sloppy, and disoriented. Thus, before repairing our interlock sanding repair specialist cleans out the mess too. The procedure is explained here- We use a powerful cleaning machine to wash out the previous sand between the cracks. Secondly, we install new polymeric material between the interlocks. Thirdly, we close-pack the sand to ensure all the cracks are filled. And lastly, we seal the polymeric sand to generate a shield to protect it from breaking and cracking. The last step’s done after the sand’s fully dried-of. Any doubts regarding our services in sanding interlocking? Get in touch with our customer care.


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Our interlocking and landscaping company in Toronto is devoted to our customers. So, we offer such designs and materials which will impress the customers to their core. We are attentive to every detail, and we pay heed to our customer’s demands.

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